Hyde Park Tree Keepers

To the Editor:

We would like to introduce ourselves to the community, and let our neighbors to know about the work we are doing to keep our trees healthy.  We are Hyde Park Treekeepers.  Treekeepers are volunteers trained by Openlands, a not-for-profit conservation organization.  We’re trained to help care for the “urban forest,” the city’s street and parkway trees, by pruning and mulching trees, and planting new trees.

We’ve started a neighborhood Treekeepers chapter and have held bimonthly pruning days since January 2018, working along sections of 54th, 55th, 59th streets, Kimbark and Kenwood, as well as in some of the neighborhood parks. We wear neon yellow work vests that identify us as Hyde Park Treekeepers.  Although pruning is restricted to trained Treekeepers, we welcome community help at other events such as planting, mulching and fencing trees.

Treekeeper Sylvie Bendier Decety has obtained over 40 trees from Openlands to be planted on 56th and 57th, between Stony and University, on September 29th, from 9am to 1pm.  If you would be interested in helping with the planting, sign up online at cerv.is/m?0254gqxUrw2 and meet other tree-lovers!

Volunteers are also welcome at an event replacing cages around cherry trees to protect them from beavers that visit the lagoon on the east side of the Columbia Basin (abutting the south of the Museum of Science and Industry) on Friday, October 12, from 10:00-1:00.  Signup at cerv.is/m?0254g3GPwB9 if you would like to help.

Please feel free to talk to us when you see us out in the neighborhood and to share information if you notice parkway trees that could use some TLC.

Finally, if you are interested in becoming a Treekeeper check out the upcoming classes at Openlands.org/trees/treekeepers.


Kathleen Taylor

George Davis

Nancy Joseph