Kenwood football team dominates Mather High School 52-0

Kenwood Academy High School running back Mike Harris runs toward the goal line during a football game against Mather High School Saturday, Sept. 29 at Gately Stadium, 744 E. 103rd St. -Owen M. Lawson III

Sports Writer

The Kenwood Academy High School Broncos football team improved to 6-0 on the season after a 52-0 blowout victory over the Mather High School Rangers on Saturday, Sept. 29, at Gately Stadium.

In the first half, the Broncos offense exploded for four touchdowns and three two-point conversions. Led by all-state wide receiver Mark Aitken, who scored on a 23-yard touchdown run early in the quarter and a 20-yard touchdown pass from quarterback (QB) Denzel Stephens, the Broncos held a 22-0 lead with 3:15 remaining in the half.

Following three touchdown scores by Aitken and Stephens (Stephens who scored prior to Aitkens on a 28-yard QB sneak in the first quarter), Broncos running back Gregory Kemp added to the offense after a 3-yard touchdown run with one minute remaining in the half.

Prior to a touchdown run by Kemp, the offense benefited from good field position after a fumble recovery by defensive back Amari Brooks with 3:07 remaining in the 2nd quarter.

In the second half, the Broncos defense continued its dominance over the Rangers offense. Forcing four turnovers throughout the game, including an interception and fumble recovery at the end of regulation.

Final Score: Kenwood 52, Mather High School 0

According to the Broncos coaching staff, the defense has earned a name for themselves throughout the season. Dubbing their defensive line “The Sack Pack,” their linebackers “The Headhunters” and their defensive backs “The Jackboyz.” With a 6-0 record, the Broncos are off to their best start in school history.

Hyde Park Herald Players of The Game: Kenwood’s Offense and Defense

Offensive Players of The Game:

#2 Wide receiver (WR) Mark Aitken,

Kenwood, two touchdowns;

#3 WR Michael Harris, Kenwood, two touchdowns.

Defensive Players of The Game:

#9 CB Myles Mooyoung, Kenwood, one interception; Kenwood’s defense, forcing four turnovers throughout the game.