Around Hyde Park

People in Hyde Park share their thoughts about the Jason Van Dyke verdict.

Malik Lobbins

Malik Lobbins: “I don’t think people should take [Van Dyke] as the only thing a police officer is. Not every police officer is bad, and that’s becoming the main focus of the public.”

Jasmine Price


Jasmine Price: “I feel like justice was somewhat served, because it was a knife instead of a gun, he shot him 16 times and tried to reload as well. At least something was done and will be an example to future police officers.”

Jonah Norwitt

Jonah Norwitt: “We had like four people watching in my dorm before the verdict. I was fearful for what would happen around campus, but now I find it kind of comforting to know people are content with the ruling.”

Charles Fuller

Charles Fuller: “I think it was a justifiable verdict. He should have gotten more time. It’s about time that Chicago stepped up and gave some kind of vindication to all the people who’ve been killed by the police.”

Shree Ram

Shree Ram: “Honestly, I feel like I’m still processing it. Right now, I feel disappointment, because I feel like [Van Dyke] earned a first-degree murder charge. I feel like we’re still settling.”

Cheryl Wegner

Cheryl Wegner: “I guess my main emotion was relief. It would have been horrifying if he wasn’t found guilty. I’m afraid it’s only a symbolic thing and things will go back to business as usual, but I hope it brings change to Chicago.”

Compiled by Staff Writer Aaron Gettinger