Hyde Park voters share their thoughts

Jamie Kalven: “For me, this is a precarious moment in the history of the democracy and, potentially, a really promising moment of renewal.”


Niquila Moye: “I have hope, but I’m not oblivious either, that there may not be any change. Given the history of voting and our current status with our president, there just hasn’t been a lot of change, I’d say, for minorities. I’m here to honor people who fought for blacks to vote and for women to have to right to vote.”


Floyd Knight: “I’m for education. I’m big on education and the defense of our nation. … Liking any politician? I’m never going to like any politician 100 percent. It’s just the thing where I’m choosing the lesser of two evils. Nationally, I’m a Republican, but I’m going Democrat this time. For our children, I see that the Democrats have a better plan this time around.”