A taste of what is to come

To the Editor:

Recently, I drove south on Stony Island Ave from 59th Street to the Skyway about 4 p.m., a mere three miles and it took me 35 minutes. The traffic was horrendous, bumper to bumper at a snail’s pace.

There has been construction on Stony Island with lane closures for more than a month. It is unclear what is being done but it illustrates what will happen when the construction of the OPC will commence. It can only be worse because of the closure of Cornell Drive.

I feel sorry for all the drivers who do this on a daily basis. I am only the canary in the mine. The CDT has done a study about the way traffic will be affected by the construction of the OPC, probably sitting behind a desk with a computer and a cup of coffee, indicating no concern with the proposed changes. I recommend that they get out of their chairs and drive down on Stony Island and see for themselves what is happening on the ground. Watch those driving south on Stony Island Avenue, those trying to drive their children to the Laboratory School and most importantly those living on or around South Stony Island; your life will become miserable.

There are so many nice places that the OPC could be located without wreaking havoc to the neighborhood.


Pablo Denes