Major public health issue in Hyde Park

To the Editor:

Since mid-summer, there are several areas in Hyde Park that are currently under construction with the street being dug up.  One such spot is on the corner where I live (55th & Hyde Park Blvd).  It seems these sites have been abandoned.  Weeks have gone by with very little if any, work being done. Instead, we have dust covering cars and more to my point, hovering in my home. There are literally clouds dust in the air around the clock.

I am a senior citizen recovering from a serious illness. As such, besides my trips to the doctor, I have been home and nearly bed-ridden for most all of this year. The dust in my home is unbearable. On my very limited budget, I have had to hire a cleaning person due to my inability to function as I did before my illness. The day after cleaning, the dust is back with a vengeance-covering my furniture and entering my lungs. I feel the dust in my hair, in my eyes and I can even taste it!

With that said, I made a phone call to Alderman Leslie Hairston’s office and was told that the site in front of my home is “watered down” regularly to keep the dust at bay. I have yet to see this happen. I was also told that the work would be complete and the street back to normal by Thanksgiving. Well, all I can say is “let’s see.”

In my opinion, this is a major public health issue that is being ignored.


 Bonnie Brendel