Remembering lunar orbit 1968

(Photo by Marc Monaghan)

“And of course, who doesn’t remember Walter Cronkite?” says Greg Jacobs as he watches a video in the Museum of Science and Industry’s “Moon Room” of Dec. 21, 1968, television coverage of the launch of Apollo 8, the first manned spacecraft to orbit the Moon and return safely to Earth. The “Moon Room” is housed in the Museum’s Smart Home outside an exhibit hall where the Apollo 8 Moon-orbiting command module itself is located. Jacobs, who once was an exhibit designer at Fort Wayne’s Science Central, was visiting the Museum of Science and Industry to research the history of a 9-foot diameter model of the Moon that had been de-accessioned by the Field Museum, proposed for the Science Center in Fort Wayne, that ended up in storage at the Science Museum in London, England. As Jacobs looked around the “Moon Room” and related this story, he remembered his own watching of the June 20, 1969 Apollo 11 landing on the Moon, “I am sorry to say we didn’t have Scandinavian furniture,” he said. The “Moon Room” will be open to visitors to the Museum, 5700 S. Lake Shore Dr., through January 6, 2019.