Thanks to Nichols Park Council

To the Editor:

I wanted to thank members of the Nichol’s Park Advisory Council for their vote to join in the Protect Our Parks lawsuit against the OPC in Jackson Park.

There has been a lot of controversy over this plan. This is a huge project, yet there has been no public input. Many are rightly concerned the impact this 235-foot-tall building will have, along with road revisions, and this heavily built up campus. Is this park the only location we could build the OPC? Are there alternative sites, adjacent to the park, available? That this is presented with a ‘take it or Lose it’ ultimatum, this makes me suspicious. That there is so much vacant land available, and they insist on building this on public park land, that flies against everything Obama did while in office. Yes, we would like to see an OPC built on the South Side, but would rather it be situated on urban renewal land adjacent to the park. It would thereby increase the size of that park, not reduce it.  Parks are not vacant land, waiting to be built on.  The Nichols Park Advisory Council has shown they are park advocates and preservationists. My Gratitude to them.


Ross Petersen