Quiles off ballot in 5th Ward race

Shelly Quiles (Herald file photo)


While the decision will not be finalized until the Chicago Board of Elections Electoral Board makes it official tomorrow, 5th Ward aldermanic candidate Shelly Quiles has conceded that she will not be on the Feb. 26 ballot against Ald. Leslie Hairston and two other challengers.

“There were unfortunately people who were committed to keeping me off and won, because I was not as thorough as I needed to be to survive the objections,” Quiles explained in a statement posted to her Facebook page. “It is a devastating and humbling thing to face this moment.”

Quiles said she might run as a write-in candidate but tempered expectations, reporting that she is also dealing with minor health issues. She promised to remain engaged “in service to my community” and the issues about which she cares.

Hairston has been on City Council since 1999. Two community activists, William Calloway and former Herald editor Gabriel Piemonte, remain on the ballot.