In favor of the OPC in Jackson Park

To the Editor:

When the Herald has previously published letters from Herb Caplan (Protect Our Parks) that have included unsubstantiated statements and false claims, we have chosen to ignore them, but his letter of Jan. 9, 2019 has gone too far.

He writes, “In my enlightened days as a UChicago student and longtime resident of Hyde Park, everyone in Hyde Park would be supporting the lawsuit if not actually leading the charge.”

We’re not sure how, living on the North Side,  Mr. Caplan claims to know what “everyone in Hyde Park” would do, but we can tell him he certainly does not speak for us, or, for that matter, for the majority of our neighbors or friends.  Indeed, a number of us who DO live in Hyde Park (and Woodlawn, and South Shore, and the Jackson Park Highlands) formed South Side Neighbors for Hope because we couldn’t understand why the Herald and other media outlets kept portraying South Side residents as being opposed to the building of the Obama Presidential Center in Jackson Park.

Our experience has been that the majority of residents are thrilled that our part of the city—the South Side—will finally get to see the kind of investment that has for too long focused on North Side neighborhoods.

And, as regular visitors to Jackson Park, we are overjoyed that the Obamas have chosen this location, so that, as with Chicago’s other Museums in the Park, our South Side park will have buildings that offer amazing educational and cultural experiences, in a setting that will be beautifully landscaped and that will reunite the eastern and western sections of Olmsted’s magnificent park.


Erin Adams,  Mary Anton, Kenneth Hill, Kineret Jaffe, Judith McCue,

Louise McCurry, Liz Moyer,

Alisa Starks, Paraisia Winston