Not ducking aldermanic forums

To the Editor:

In his recent letter to the editor under “Aldermanic forums,” 5th Ward aldermanic candidate Gabriel Piemonte erroneously states that I have “ignored” aldermanic forums organized by civic groups.  One he mentions, the League of Women Voters, was still accepting confirmations and has received mine.  Others he noted have not, to my knowledge, even invited me.   In fact, I have accepted all organization and media requests to share through a variety of vehicles my positions on both the 5th Ward and Chicago-related issues.

During his long tenure as a reporter with the Herald, Mr. Piemonte used his open access to me and my media team on numerous occasions for interviews, background on issues, reports on my regular ward and town hall meetings, as well as to obtain my reaction to tough criticisms or controversies.  I would not have expected him, a former journalist, to contribute to the “fake news” trend that has muddied the waters of public trust in the electoral process.


Ald. Leslie Hairston