Tarver announces youth advisory committee

Staff Writer

Illinois Rep. Curtis Tarver’s (D-25th) office has announced a volunteer Youth Advisory Committee for residents aged 18 to 24 to give perspective on state policies that directly impact them. Students from across the district are encouraged to apply.

“During the transition into the state office, our team sent out a call to constituents to become members of 25th District Advisory Committees on education, criminal justice and economic opportunities,” said Bernie Williams, Tarver’s assistant, who said that they had their first conference call with committee members from across the 25th District about legislative priorities.

“Now we want to create a Youth Advisory Committee for 25th District youth … so they have a stake in policy that impacts them and to promote civic engagement,” Williams said. “Members of the Youth Advisory Committee will meet with our staff and interns monthly on Saturdays to discuss policy, train in legislative canvassing and outreach, and serve as youth community advocates. We’re working towards having representation across the entire district.”

Responsibilities will include a trip to Springfield during the General Assembly veto session.

Applications are being considered on a rolling basis and are available at https://goo.gl/forms/M4RccxvdFPHuydR43; applicants can email Williams at bernie25thdistrict@gmail.com with any questions.