Praising Ald. Hairston

To the Editor:

I voted early. I voted for Leslie Hairston.  It was my honor and my pleasure.  I’m grateful she represents the 5th Ward in the Chicago City Council and in the community.  She brings a valuable combination of sense, sensibility and unquestioned integrity to both her role as a member of the Council and to her role as our guide on issues of land-use planning in the neighborhood.

She was one of only five aldermen who voted against the parking meter deal.  Yay, Leslie!  Every expert observer agrees with her:  The deal was not good for Chicago.  The city gave up a long-term, substantial assert—parking revenues—and used the proceeds to plug holes in the city’s operating budget instead of beefing up the capital budget that pays to fix our crumbling roadways, bridges and the CTA.

When it comes to bread-and-butter neighborhood issues, she has always acted as an honest broker.  Whether the issue is curb cuts or bus service, she brings us together.

She aims for consensus, and she is really good at knocking whatever bureaucratic heads need knocking in order to get the job done.

She brings both a strong intellect and a large dose of impartiality as she considers, fairly and fully, every issue on her plate.  I know I can count on her to make the best calls in the Council and in the community.

She is independent.  She is a voice for reform and progressive policies for Chicago.  I hope my neighbors will join me—I hope you, too, will vote to re-elect Leslie Hairston as our 5th Ward Alderman.


Barbara Flynn Currie