Focus on the mayoral election


To the Editor:

The race for the United States Presidency is exciting, and there are a lot of candidates to consider.

My personal goal is to keep in mind that the first primaries will start a year from now… and we have a Chicago mayoral runoff election that will be over in a few short weeks.

The mayor of Chicago will shape policing, schools, parks, streets, sidewalks, and economic development.

Our next President won’t be making decisions about the new Obama Center and proposed Community Benefits Agreements. Our next President won’t decide what civilian oversight of policing looks like in Chicago. Our next President won’t be able to fix the potholes that bang up your car. Our next President won’t clean up your neighborhood park, build a legit bike lane for your commute, get the snow cleared out, or put in bus rapid transit. Our next President won’t be dealing with our perpetually-in-crisis school system or figuring out how to better serve our city’s young people.

I guarantee you that if you unplug from the Presidential primary discussion for a few weeks you won’t miss too much… But if you unplug from the mayoral race, you’re passing up a change to nudge your city and your neighborhood in the direction of your choice.

Alex Soble