Buckner arrested for DUI in Springfield

State Rep. Kam Buckner (Herald file photo)


State Rep. Kambium Buckner (D-26th) confirmed to the Herald that he was arrested for a DUI in Springfield on March 29, though he declined further comment before speaking to his attorney.

The Illinois News Network wire service reports that Buckner said the circumstances that led to his arrest was “simply a result of exhaustion” and that he will plead not guilty. They cite a police report that Buckner slept through four traffic light cycles at 3 a.m., had alcohol on his breath, glassy eyes and pupils nonreactive to light.

Buckner either refused to submit to or failed a field sobriety test, so his driving privileges will be suspended for at least a year, according to the Illinois News Network, which added that he was released from jail after paying a cash bond and is due in court on April 30.