Calloway still owes city $14,115 in fines

Will Calloway during the aldermanic campaign. (Herald file photo)

Staff writer

According to the Chicago Office of Management and Budget, William Calloway, Ald. Leslie Hairston’s (5th) opponent in the still-too-close-to-call runoff, still owes the city $14,115.40 in unpaid fines for traffic and parking violations.

Hairston’s campaign manager, Delmarie Cobb, sent media outlets evidence of Calloway’s unpaid fines and notice of eviction proceedings against his South Shore campaign and nonprofit association headquarters on March 19.

According to information received through a Freedom of Information Act request of the Department of Finance, Calloway owes fines for violations incurred from March 2014 on vehicles licensed in Indiana ($1,354.20) and Illinois (two plates, with fines of $2,342.40 and $10,418.80).

Calloway’s campaign manager, Bobby Burns, told the Sun-Times last month that all his tickets had been resolved.

Candidates for political office in Chicago can run if they owe the city money, but they cannot be sworn in.