High-speed, cross-city car chase ends in Hyde Park

Smashed cars mark the scene where a high-speed car chase ended in Hyde Park at 54th Street and Woodlawn Avenue. (Photo by Aaron Gettinger)

Staff writer

A cross-city, high-speed auto pursuit came to an abrupt end yesterday in Hyde Park, where suspects purportedly driving a stolen Audi crashed into four other vehicles.

The Chicago Police said the vehicle had been stolen in an armed hijacking from the 1400 West block of Augusta Boulevard in Noble Square on April 7. Officers spotted it Monday and pursued it down Lake Shore Drive into Hyde Park.

“At 5 o’clock I heard the police sirens,” said a victim on the scene at 54th Street and Woodlawn Avenue who did not want to be identified. “I stopped midway to the corner, because I didn’t know which way they were coming. About two seconds later, that Audi turned the corner.”

While the motorist was sitting near the intersection, another car tried to go around her and struck the stolen Audi. She said three suspects who looked like older adolescents ran out of the vehicle; officers pursued them on foot and apprehended them.

Charges are pending, and there were no injuries.