Spreading the credit for the quilting show


To the Editor:

I was pleased to see that the Herald chose to cover the Quilt Show at the United Church of Hyde Park in your April 10 issue.  However, as a member of the church and the Quilt Show committee, I was disappointed at the lack of recognition of the role of the church in the story.  I think some clarification is in order.

The United Church of Hyde Park is a mainline Protestant church affiliated with three denominations.  We have suffered the fate of many churches like us — a declining membership and the aging of the core that is left.  Several of the talented quilter members who started the show in 1990 to raise money to help maintain our historic organ and building have gone on to that great quilting bee in the sky.  Those of us left are aging.

With our declining and aging membership, the burden of the show was falling on a small group; yet the show has become a service to the community as well as a fund raiser.  Visitors who come are in awe at the beauty of the church and the creative talent of the exhibitors. The Lakeside Quilting Guild has played an active part in the show in the last few years and now meets in the church free of charge.

So, members of both groups came together to form a partnership that would allow the show to continue.  The church had over the years, thanks in great part to the organizational skills of Judy Lampkins, a church member and talented quilter, developed a process for assembling and setting up the show.  This year the Lakeside Quilting Guild was able to move into this structure and provide able person power to enable the Show to go on.  They took over parts of the planning, provided the raffle items and quilts for display, and acted as quilt attendants and admissions staff on the days of the Show.  The church provided the Tea Room set up and refreshments and staff for the sales room and some quilt attendants and admissions people.  A plan for sharing the proceeds of the show was established.

Working together, we were able to present the Quilt Show this year.  The United Church of Hyde Park appreciates the substantial contribution of the Lakeside Quilting Guild in enabling the Quilt Show to continue this year—but would also appreciate recognition for the Church’s contribution to the event.


Laura H. Kracke

United Church of Hyde Park Quilt Show committee