Friends of Ray School PTO host 4th annual Walk-A-Thon fundraiser

Ray students participating in the annual Walk-A-Thon fundraiser in 2018. (Photo by Erielle Bakkum)

Staff writer

William H. Ray Elementary School is hoping to raise $25,000 for two recess supervisors, new recess equipment, and a new water fountain during its 4th annual Walk-A-Thon fundraiser on Friday, May 17.

Between 9:45 a.m. to 1:25 p.m., Ray students will walk, skip and run with their classmates and teachers around the school’s east playground. Students will be competing to set their personal best distance record. Parents and community members are encouraged to come and support the students from the sidelines.

“The Ray School Walk-a-Thon is a fun opportunity for the kids to be active outside, participate in a race-like atmosphere with start and finish lines, spectators cheering from the sidelines, and an overall celebratory atmosphere,” said Anne Renna, vice president of Friends of Ray PTO.

For community members who would like to donate, they can do so online or find information to donate offline at