Backing Tarver on rent control


To the Editor:

I’d like to express my thanks to Rep. Curtis Tarver (D-25th) for being a thoughtful public servant, casting votes in Springfield he believes will result in the betterment of his district. We can see the hostile response he’s shouldering from some after his vote against lifting the ban on rent control, but I stand with a large group who support Tarver, knowing that enacting rent control would make Hyde Park and adjoining neighborhoods of the South Side less affordable while limiting accessibility for the majority of people.

Affordable housing is unquestionably shrinking in neighborhoods from Bronzeville all the way down to South Chicago, but the solution should be to increase the supply of affordable choices, not lock-in the lucky few with rent control and say goodbye to the majority. Experts have studied rent control from coast to coast and have warned repeatedly that rent control benefits only a small segment of recipients while causing harm to most who seek only a comfortable, safe, affordable place to live.

Keep the faith, Rep. Tarver.

Bishop Larry Trotter,

Sweet Holy Spirit Church