Recount volunteer finds no irregularities


To the Editor:

As a supporter of Leslie A. Hairston for 5th Ward Alderman, I volunteered every day in the Discovery Recount phases of the 5th Ward vote. This included the recount of 10 precincts, including absentee ballots, voter applications, and provisional ballots within the ward and at the supersite in downtown Chicago.

To date, I have not seen any voting irregularities from the run-off that would suggest that Mr. Calloway picked up anything close to the 177 votes he would need to win the contest.  In fact, Mr. Calloway has not picked up any additional votes since the Discovery Recount. I pride myself on being an honest and ethical person. If I had observed any irregularities, I would have immediately raised the red flag with the Board of Elections whether it was for Ald. Hairston or my grandmother.

Mr. Calloway had his day in the Discovery Recount phase—and no irregularities were uncovered to my knowledge.  For Mr. Calloway to serve Ms. Hairston with a restraining order to prevent her from being sworn in as alderman is all about his ego, and not about improving the quality of life for 5th Ward residents.

Ald. Hairston has won the election and should be allowed to serve her term, and to serve the 5th Ward that elected her.

Josef Michael Carr Jr.