Some Hyde Parkers not fans of Trader Joe’s


To the Editor:

Many of us in Hyde Park do not welcome Trader Joe’s. No one I know is happy about it. Trader Joe’s is a store that caters to the affluent, and we already have one of those up on 51st Street. What we need is a regular grocery store for the rest of us — one that offers great weekly specials and carries things like baby food, cat food, and inexpensive brands such as Centrella or Country’s Delight.

In choosing Trader Joe’s, the University of Chicago is furthering its agenda of driving out low-income people and replacing us with hipsters and one-percenters. The new Jewel at 61st Street and Cottage Grove Avenue is meant to be the store for us. Only trouble is, for those of us who don’t have cars, it is too far away.

The message could not be clearer: low income people need to get out of the core of Hyde Park and relocate farther south and west. But hey, we don’t move so easily! I love my home, and I’m staying. I’m sure I’ll buy some stuff at Trader Joe’s just because it’s close. But for most of my shopping, I’ll continue to rely on Walgreens, hiking over to Hyde Park Produce, busing it to Jewel, and ordering on line from Walmart.

Kate Thompson