Is this a preview of traffic jams to come?


To the Editor:

I was one of many who were basically prevented from getting to my own home last Monday due to the gridlock surrounding the Museum of Science and Industry for that ill-planned Uber event. The gridlock stretched all the way to Cottage Grove. People were driving on sidewalks and the wrong way on 1-way streets. All you could hear was horns honking.

Fast forward to a future with Cornell Drive closed, and Stony Island congested with tour buses, and we’ll have that kind of gridlock in our community every day. Bus transit will be useless too, so nobody should scold car drivers for not using transit.

This is among the many reasons why the Obama Presidential Center should be built, but built somewhere besides Jackson Park. The Washington Park location west of King Drive would be ideal – next to an existing CTA ‘L’ station, and on a 6-lane boulevard connecting directly to the Dan Ryan. That’s a brownfield site, mostly empty except for a gas station. No precious, historic parkland sacrificed, no $200M tax dollars to pay for infrastructure, and no resulting traffic gridlock. And the historic significance of having the Obama Center on Martin Luther King Drive is huge.

Roger Deschner