Composing the ballad of the Obama Center


To the Editor:

Yet another headline predicting the OPC lawsuit drama outcome!
Oh, the power of the “press.”

The Ballad of the Obama Library
by John Weis Loftus

This sad, sad tale
Is all too true.
Someone you love
Has stolen from you.

Parks in Chicago
Are public lands.
NOT to be used
For private plans.

Yet Mr. Obama
Let ego reign.
And now your loss
Is his own gain.

Jackson Park is
Not his to use!
(Yet with the Judge
He seemed to schmooze.)

He’s so afraid
Of the South Side
That near the lake-
Shore he must hide?

The Judge tossed out
the Rule of Law.
It was just a
Travesty we saw.

Money talked.
The People lost.
The case was won
At honor’s cost.

The Park may go
And in its place?
A monument
To his disgrace.

With all due respect,

John Loftus