Give Parade sponsors the credit they deserve

To the Editor:

As MC of our neighborhood Fourth of July celebration, Wendy Williams surprised many of us by welcoming us “on behalf of the University of Chicago.”

Ms. Williams set a lively tone for the event with her enthusiastic and personal recognition of paraders and bystanders.  But let’s acknowledge that there were only two presenters of this event: the Nichols Park Advisory Council and the Chicago Park District. For 28 years, they have been the presenters of our Annual Old Fashioned Fourth of July.

To put the welcome by the University of Chicago in perspective, let’s remember that they are one of 64 community donors who made financial or in-kind contributions. The University of Chicago brings many wonderful things to this neighborhood. But it’s time for people who are part of the University community to recognize that they are not the sun that everything else in the community revolves around.

Nina Helstein