Jackson Park provides ‘needed green space’

To the Editor:

It’s a matter of open space. Jackson Park is our scruffy piece of wilderness. We don’t need a complex. Green space is a reprieve from urban over density.

Our family and neighbors bought here in the early ‘60s, when the block was low-rise residential. Since then, one single house lot was replaced with eight townhouses by developer Elzie Higginbottom. Another single house lot was replaced with a four-plus one. On the south corner, a parking lot was replaced with a 28-story high-rise. Still another lot was replaced by a four-story garage, and there is a recently constructed alley, directly across from our house, that accommodates the garage.

Open space is a necessity to relieve overbuilt neighborhoods.

We walk through the park daily – it never gets old.


Kathie Newhouse