Robin Thicke’s role at Festival under fire

To the Editor:

I wanted to share with you the letter I just sent my Hyde Park Alderperson:

Dear Alderperson Hairston,

I was appalled to learn at your monthly meeting that Robin Thicke, whose hit “Blurred Lines” could best be described as an anthem to rape culture and whom a judge found had a history of domestic violence, is headlining the South Shore Summer Festival.

You were quick to declare that you did not make the decision for the headliner act, but you are complicit in it. You have literally put your name on it. Your logo is prominently displayed under Thicke’s smiling face in the promotional materials you distributed at your meeting.

In this #MeToo moment, we have come to see first-hand not just the misogyny and abusive behavior of successful entertainers but the silence of the enablers who benefit by allowing them to thrive. I am disappointed that my alderperson is one of them.

Your constituent,

Michele Beaulieux