Akiba-Schechter exhibit murals created by students over the summer

Tina Bochnovic, Hyde Park resident and parent of a student who attends Akiba-Schecter Jewish Day School, attends the 3rd annual gallery opening with her 1-year-old son Daniel. (Photo by Samantha Smylie)

Staff writer

On a warm, sunny Thursday afternoon, July 25, youth between the ages of one and six were excited to show their parents artwork they created over the summer for Akiba-Schechter Jewish Day School’s 3rd annual gallery opening.

Tina Bochnovic, a resident of Hyde Park and a parent of a 5-year-old student at Akiba-Schechter who attended the program was excited to see all the artwork students assembled.

“Maria has been coming here for several years and we love it here, especially over the summer because they work on a certain subject and it’s murals this year and it is unbelievable the things that they do whether it is 3D, paint or nature. They created all of these beautiful murals,” said Bochnovic.

Murals painted by preschool students over the summer are exhibited at the 3rd Annual gallery at Akiba-Schecter Jewish Day School. (Photo by Samantha Smylie)

Through the summer, Maria and her peers traveled around the city to visit murals throughout the city and even had the opportunity to work with a muralist. According to her mom, Maria love trains and engines so she was attracted to murals with them.

Carla Goldberg, Preschool Director, said “This summer we decided to do a deep dive into murals and Chicago street art. We found that working on murals was such a community-building piece in the classroom. Children needed teamwork to produce the work together and we are really proud of their work.”