Rep. Tarver named to new Property Tax Relief Task Force

Staff writer

Rep. Tarver (Herald file photo)
Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D) named Rep. Curtis Tarver II (D-25th) to a Property Tax Relief Task Force to identify causes of the state’s “increasingly burdensome property taxes,” review best public policies to effect short- and long-term tax relief for homeowners and recommend corresponding administrative, electoral and legislative changes.

“High property taxes are making it difficult for seniors and residents throughout our community to make ends meet,” Tarver said in a statement. “We have to take a comprehensive look at ways to limit the rise in rates, as well as ideas to provide relief for families while still ensuring we invest properly in local services and schools.”

Tarver will represent the House Democratic Caucus on the Task Force — which was created by just-enacted Senate Bill 1932, which was filed by central Illinois Sen. Andy Manar (D-48th) and passed the General Assembly unanimously — and serve without compensation. The Task Force is expected to provide Pritzker and the legislature a report within 90 days.

“I look forward to reviewing best practices and taking a close look at how proposed changes to our property tax system could impact our state,” Tarver said. “This is a topic of concern I hear frequently from residents. It’s time to deliver real results for them.”