HPKCC seeks book donations for annual Hyde Park Used Book sale

New drop off location for the Hyde Park Used Book Sale is 1525 E 53rd St.; Hyde Park Bank entry lobby by the single bank elevator on the left side. (Photo by Mrinalini Pandey)

Contributing writer

This year’s annual used book sale will have a new drop off location at the Hyde Park Bank.

Started in 1952, the book sale was taken over by the Hyde Park Kenwood Community Conference in 2007 as a community service and fundraiser for Conference programs. Continuing the legacy of this annual book sale tradition, the Used Book Sale is asking for book donations.

Those interested, can drop off books in the boxes located at the entrance lobby (left side, by the single elevator) of the Hyde Park Bank building located on 1525 E 53rd St. Books can be left at any time as the building remains open 24/7; drivers cars can park briefly outside the bank as the books are taken in.

For large drop offs, book donors can contact Betsy Budney (in charge for the book sale) at booksale@hydepark.org. The Book Sale has limited availability for picking up large collections.

Jane Comiskey, volunteer advisor for the book sale, said that about 25 to 30 volunteers are working right now with the book sorting process, but they are always looking for more helping hands.

“Down in the basement we have a list you can put your name on if you are interested in helping, but anyone can come and sort,” said Comiskey. The sorting room is located in the basement of the Hyde Park Bank building and remains open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day of the week. Volunteers are requested to call Comiskey at 773-324-0750 to be put on the volunteering list. High school children can also volunteer with the sorting process for the book sale.

Books with “normal wear and tear” can be donated, but Comiskey cautioned “no magazines, no encyclopedia, no computer books over 5 years old.”

Donations are being accepted now through Oct. 6, 2019 and arrangements to get tax receipts for book donations can be made through the book sale email.

The Used Book Sale is scheduled to take place during the Columbus Day weekend from October 12-14 in the courtyard of the Hyde Park Shopping Centre located on 55th and Lake Park. Readers can find more information about the Book Sale on http://www.hydepark.org/booksale/booksale.html