Thanks to the team of JPAC volunteers


To the Editor:

I am always in awe of the countless hours and vision that our JPAC volunteers spend making positive changes in Jackson Park. JPAC Volunteers are the local partners with the Park District in working to improve our park.

Specifically, thank you:

  1. For Summer camp, sports camp, and after school camp assistance – JPAC volunteers assist with camp programs, events, celebrations, and camp counselor thank you events.
  2. For cleaning up the glass and debris from the beaches and Summer Camp paths to the sports and recreation areas.
  3. For making our park a safe haven for the community – JAPC volunteers run, bike, or walk through the park daily and report all negative activities, dangers, or repairs needed to CPD.
  4. For Cleaning up our play lots and Iowa Picnic Shelter – JPAC volunteers are working daily to keep each of our 5 heavily used play lots and our family picnic shelter free of the trash and weeds.
  5. For our many community outreach tours and our multiple social media presences, from the weekly free White City tours of the history of Jackson Park and the Piano in the Park program.
  6. For Jackson Park Golf Events – JPAC volunteers assisted at the Jackson Park Adaptive Recreation Golf Tournaments and at the Chicago Parks Foundation annual Jackson Park Golf “Play For The Parks” Tournament fundraiser.
  7. For cleaning up and improving Wooded island, Bobolink Meadow, LaRabida Beach and nature areas, lagoons, and 57th and 63rd Street beaches:
  8. For maintaining our Recreation and Sports Areas
  9. For choosing our new Fieldhouse sculpture, rain barrels, and Iowa Building chess tables.
  10. For our Little Library, Playlot story time and youth book giveaways, where JPAC volunteers collect books from the community donors, give them to the children and read books and tell stories at our five play lots. Volunteers have built and are currently installing two new Little Free Library playlot boxes.

So, JPAC volunteers, your actions have helped triple the number of diverse visitors to Jackson Park and its programs. Your actions speak louder than any words, and they have brought positive change to our kids’ lives, our park, and our community.

Team JPAC Volunteers, you Rock!

Thank you!

Louise McCurry

JPAC President.