JPAC thanks all for ‘Bears Huddle’


To the Editor:

On Sept. 7, the Chicago Parks Foundation, the Chicago Bears, the Chicago Park District and the Jackson Park Advisory-Action Council teamed up to organize the “Bears Huddle” – 100 volunteer minutes for 100 volunteers working in Jackson Park.

We mulched 56 trees and cleared 5 park blocks of debris in 100 minutes.

Our volunteers were from our diverse South Shore, Woodlawn, and Hyde Park Communities and Chicagoland area. Volunteers ranged in age from 3 to 82 years old. Our youth football teams from Jackson Park, Hyde Park High School, our AYSO Soccer Players, and other boys and girls from throughout our diverse Jackson Park Community volunteered.

Our goal was to involve our entire community – young and old – in caring for our park, trees and green spaces.

Thank you to retired Bears player Wendell Davis, who not only signed autographs for our youth, but was a special role model of responsibility and giving back by joining our tree mulching project.

Many thanks also to the University of Chicago Police, the City of Chicago Police, the fraternities, sororities, the football and soccer coaches, the Bears staff members, and the JPAC members.

We have seen many people talk and write about taking care of the park, but these volunteers took actual “hands-on” action to care for our Jackson Park. Thank you to everyone who picked up a rake, filled a wheelbarrow with mulch, taught a youth why and how to care for our park trees, picked up park litter, and organized and managed our Bears Huddle event.  This was one more step to empowering our community youth. JPAC is dedicated to leaving our community and our youth with both a green park legacy and the knowledge and “hands-on skills” to take care of our park.

Thank you all “Bears Huddle” Volunteers,

Louise McCurry

Jackson Park Advisory-Action Council President.