Thanks and plaudits for Nancy Hayes


To the Editor:

Wendell Davis (right), wide receiver with the Chicago Bears (1988 to 1993), joins Hyde Park Academy High School football player Wilhelm Lord Jr. to spread mulch around trees in Jackson Park on Sept. 7. (Photo by Marc Monaghan)
Not enough has been said about Nancy Hayes (JPAC president in the ‘70s), who if she were here, I could hear her deep, firm voice urging that the Nature Sanctuary is not a formal garden, but haven for the indigenous species.

Very possibly, the lush old trees wouldn’t have ben chopped down – Nancy could be very persuasive. The trees were paramount. We did monthly well-being check on them, all the way from 56th Street to 67th Street.

On one of our tours, as we passed Wooded Island, we noticed glaring destruction at one edge of the lagoon. A few trees and shrubs had been severely chopped. Several members agreed to visit the Island in the middle of the night. To their surprise, they caught the perpetrator very quickly – a beaver being a beaver. The solution: let beavers be beavers.

When a pesky lawn mower problem popped up and patches of lawn were being gouged, Nancy suggested inviting consultants from the Milwaukee park District. The Milwaukee personnel came, met with JPAC and the Chicago Park district personnel and found a solution.

Good natured to a fault, Nancy still believed in following the rules. She had no reluctance to approach unprepared dog walkers and urge them to keep the park clean.


Kathie Newhouse