A letter from Rep. Rush: The President is a threat to our democracy and must be impeached

Rep. Rush’s official portrait, courtesy of congressional office

To the constituents of the 1st Congressional District:

WASHINGTON — I have long supported the impeachment of the President for his racist rhetoric and clear contempt for the Constitution. The moment the President called neo-Nazis “very fine people” and failed to properly condemn a murder in Charlottesville, Virginia, I knew he was disturbingly unfit to be the commander-in-chief.

However, the most-recent actions taken by the President are not only a clear affront to our democratic ideals, but they present a unique and unprecedented threat to our nation’s security by the very person who is tasked with protecting it. Moreover, the President’s shameless admission of his wrongdoing suggests that he sees nothing wrong with his clearly criminal conduct, making the need to impeach increasingly urgent.

I understand that there is still some hesitation from those in Washington to call the President’s behavior for what it is: a criminal act that requires his immediate removal. We have read the Ukrainian memo, and we have seen the whistleblower’s complaint. The American people can call a spade a spade.

The President of the United States admitted to threatening to withhold military aid, which Congress appropriated to defend Ukraine from Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

The President of the United States admitted to using that leverage to pressure a foreign actor to manufacture dirt on the President’s political opponent.

The President of the United States, along with his accessories before, during, and after the fact, did everything in his power to attempt to cover up his crime. He attempted to destroy evidence and abuse government systems and methods in order to further obscure his malfeasance.

And finally, after being rightfully exposed by a patriot who had everything to lose and nothing to gain, the President lobbed baseless attacks on twitter and through his cable network surrogates in order to gaslight the nation. He lashed out privately and publicly, going so far as to suggest that this career public servant was a spy and should be sentenced to death.

These are not exaggerations or embellishments. These are the facts, and they make it crystal clear that the President of the United States impeached himself by his own admission.

The President’s actions make the impeachable offenses of his predecessors look like child’s play. On the other hand, this President poses real and present danger to our national security.

The President’s behavior has long been at odds with what is required of a strong, functioning democracy, but we have reached the tipping point. Like a cancer that has begun to metastasize, the President must be removed before it is too late.

Rep. Bobby Rush

Rush has represented Illinois’ 1st District in Congress since 1993.