More waning needed about street cleaning


To the Editor:

Bright and early on Aug. 30, a neighbor from the south end of my block walked up to my house to let me know that — who knew? — a single “No Parking” sign had been put up at his end of the block for street sweeping. So, I drove my car around the neighborhood for the usual 20 minutes looking for an open space, and finally found one.

Little did I know that I’d only just managed to find a different block slated for street sweeping which ALSO had no signs put up at the end of the block where I was parking. Result: $60 ticket.

Street sweeping is a great thing, I’m all for it. But when it becomes a revenue-generating opportunity for the City of Chicago because they paper the neighborhood with tickets instead of No Parking signs, the tail is wagging the dog.

I urge the Department of Streets and Sanitation to return to their former diligence in posting enough signs for everyone to see. I also call on Ald. Leslie Hairston to work with the Dept. of Revenue to void all parking tickets issued for street sweeping in Hyde Park during the week of August 25 through the 31.

Seth Richardson