Kenwood football team gets waiver to practice for state playoffs

Kenwood football Coach Sinque Turner and Broncos practice at the team’s home field in the rain after CPS and IHSA agreed on rules regarding the strike. (Photo by Joseph Phillips)

Sports writer

The Kenwood football team took to the practice field Wednesday afternoon, despite the continuing strike by the Chicago Teachers Union.

“As of right now IHSA is stating that we can practice,” said Billy Survillion, assistant coach of the Broncos. “So that if CPS ends the strike before Saturday we can actually play.”

The 7th-seeded Broncos are preparing for Saturday’s state playoff game against 10th-seeded Riverside Brookfield. Game time 7:30 p.m.

The IHSA and CPS sports agreed to allow CPS teams to practice as long as the coaches meet IHSA certification by-laws.

Kenwood’s head coach Sinque Turner said he received the news earlier this week.

“We were told that if we (coaches) were not a part of the Chicago Teachers Union, we were allowed to hold three practices this week to qualify for the state playoffs,” said Turner, during today’s practice held at Kenwood Field in the rain. “Me and four other coaches are a part of the SEIU union faculty and staff, who reached a tentative deal with the mayor (on Sunday night).”

The announcement by IHSA and CPS on Wednesday opens a path for CPS teams to play in the first round of state playoffs, but according to IHSA rules, the strike will have to be settled for the teams to actually play in the tournament.