Objecting to Tarver’s ‘no’ vote on rent control


To the Editor:

The recent article in the Herald touting the legislative successes of State Rep. Curtis Tarver II (D-25th) neglected to mention the critical role he played in killing the “Lift the Ban” bill, supported by affordable housing advocacy organizations across this city and state.

As the Herald has previously pointed out, Rep. Tarver reversed his campaign pledge by voting in committee to ensure that the city of Chicago cannot even consider trying to limit the most egregious rent increases.

As our neighborhood experiences developments that make housing costs less and less affordable for families and seniors, the option of debating reasonable rent control measures continues to be banned by the state law Rep. Tarver voted to keep.

The Hyde Park-Kenwood Coalition for Equitable Community Development (CECD), which has for more than a decade been actively engaged in local and city-wide efforts to promote racial and economic diversity in our neighborhood, is a member of the “Lift the Ban” city coalition.

John Murphy

Treasurer, HP-K CECD