Questioning CTU’s support for athletes


To the Editor:

The CTU has never cared about student-athletes, or whether those students get into college with athletic scholarships.

The history of the CTU when it comes to soccer and coaching salaries is especially ugly. For more than 20 years, the CTU deliberately sabotaged its own union members from receiving a professional educator level soccer coaching salary, partly due to pressure from football coaches, athletic directors, and even some principals at CPS high schools who didn’t want soccer to grow in the city.

No CPS soccer team won a state championship after Harrison High School’s victory in 1972; poor soccer coaching salaries were a major factor in hurting CPS high schools playing soccer.

As a result of these low salaries, CPS lost over a dozen excellent high school soccer coaches in the 1970s, ‘80s and ‘90s who fled to suburban high schools where they would be treated with a proper amount of soccer coaching compensation, and respect, and where lower level teams had more than one coach.

The CPS elementary school/middle school soccer coaching compensation has been a joke for decades, with many teachers or outside coaches refusing to coach soccer due to the poor amount of the coaching salary.

Kenneth Newman