Jackson Park is not ‘dormant’


To the Editor:

The recent comment by former first lady Michelle Obama about Jackson Park being “dormant” is of great concern to those of us who use Jackson Park on a daily or weekly basis.

I frankly don’t know where Ms. Obama would get information about Jackson Park “being dormant,” but the park is used by hundreds, if not thousands of people every day,  365 days a year, in all types of weather, and  for numerous purposes.

From the numerous club,  middle school,   high school and even college sports teams who both practice and play games at the many fields and courts  there, to  those who love the  peaceful solitude of Wooded Island, picnics at the Iowa building, walking / biking along the lakefront, or swimming at the two great beaches connected to  Jackson Park, I don’t know where this, “Dormant “ statement comes from. Three harbors contain hundreds of boats, and there is room for more. Hundreds of people run races and play golf in Jackson Park, and thousands more fish, hike, picnic, bicycle, jog, listen to music, and do many other things to entertain themselves and get healthy exercise.

The great staff that works at Jackson Park has wonderful programming at the field house each week, has a great youth football program, and the summer camp for children gets filled up in a few days. Adults have many different types of programs and other events to attend, and of course, the world famous Museum of Science and Industry brings millions of people to the South Side each year, so many of these visitors have a wonderful experience in Jackson Park.

Ms. Obama is sadly mistaken about the use of Jackson Park by the public. It is certainly not dormant.

Kenneth Newman