Questioning benefit of new golf course


To the Editor:

I’m writing to chime in on the discussion of the proposed construction of a PGA-level golf course in Jackson Park on the South Side of Chicago.  It is my impression that the proposed further construction for a professional-level golf course in Jackson Park would be a rather expensive undertaking that would benefit very few people who are residents of the any of the areas around Jackson Park.  And that does not recommend it to me.

It seems to me that further work on Jackson Park ought to be designed to benefit primarily those Chicagoans who live in the neighborhoods near the park, and not just golfers who may come in from distant locations.

Ask yourself how many of your neighbors and friends here in the Hyde Park area are golfers and would be playing on that golf course.  Not many, I’d guess. And for that matter, what fraction of the people in these surrounding residential areas could even afford to play.

Sure, a golf course is already there, so let’s keep it up and keep it useable, but don’t make any unnecessarily expensive modifications. And before undertaking a major effort on improvements to the golf course, perhaps we should reconsider what else might need fixing  Let’s consider fixing what needs to be fixed in Jackson Park already,  (For example, there is a bridge in the area south of the Museum of Science and Industry which became dangerous to use, and has been present but out of service for decades).

Let’s make Jackson Park more pleasantly and safely useable for everyone, not just golfers.

Caroline L. Herzenberg