Many Kenwood-Hyde Park schools maintain good standing and high ratings


Staff writer

According to the School Quality Rating Policy (SQRP), many schools in the Kenwood and Hyde Park area have maintained good standing and high ratings for the 2019-20 school year.

On Friday morning, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) released SQRP data to provide families with a high-level overview of school quality. The rating is based on a mix of data such as student growth, performance, graduation rates, among other criteria.

For the 2019-2020 school year, according to a press release by CPS, the current data shows a similar percentage of schools achieving the three highest school ratings (Level 1+, Level 1 and Level 2+) compared to last year – 78% this year vs. 80% last year.

According to the district wide data, 146 schools were Level 1+ schools, 195 were Level 1 schools, 158 were Level 2+ and 130 were Level 2 schools. Kenwood-Hyde Park elementary schools Bret Harte, Kozminski, Murray, Ray, Reavis and Shoesmith all received the highest school ratings. This school year, Kozminski went from Level 2 school to a Level 2+ school and Murray went from a Level 2+ school to a Level 1 school. Shoesmith was the only school that dropped from a Level 1+ school to a level 2+ this year. Kenwood Academy High School maintained its Level 1+ rating, and Hyde Park Academy is a Level 2 school.

Based on a school’s SQRP rating, they are given a school standing. According to CPS, the district groups schools by standing to give allocate resources based on need. While a school in good standing might receive more autonomy on school improvement planning and budgets; provisional support and intensive support schools are given more support. This year, 395 schools are in good standing, 69 schools receive provisional support and 55 schools receive intensive support.

In Kenwood-Hyde Park, all of the schools are in good standing. Even though Kozminski is currently ranked as a Level 2+ school, it is still indicated as a school that receives provisional support. Hyde Park Academy High School was labeled a school that receives provisional support.