Don’t close Cornell Drive


To the Editor:

While I believe that Washington Park would have been a better choice than Jackson Park for the Obama structure, that decision is not my deepest concern regarding the new facility.

I fear that closing Cornell Drive would be a disaster. The traffic on South Stony Island Avenue during most of the daylight hours is currently heavy, with a steady flow of bumper-to-bumper vehicles. At the same time, there is a comparable flow on Cornell Drive. We see both from our home in Vista Homes.

If half the Cornell Drive traffic were moved to Stony, there would be a terrible jam that would persist through much of the day, including in the hours when people need access to the several schools on Stony Island.

There is no need to close Cornell Drive to vehicles, and, in fact, if the parking area at the Obama facility were thoughtfully designed, Cornell Drive would provide excellent access for car-borne visitors to that facility.

Cornell Drive MUST be kept open and accessible to vehicle traffic, whatever else is done to Jackson Park.

R. Stephen Berry