Buckner gets January court date for DUI arrest

Rep. Buckner (Herald file photo)


State Rep. Kambium Buckner (D-26th) now has a January court date for his March 29 DUI arrest in Springfield.

“His attorney made a motion to continue; we did not have any objection to that continuance, and the case is now set for Jan. 6 at 9 a.m., Courtroom 5C in Sangamon County,” said Morgan County State’s Attorney Gray Noll (R), the special prosecutor in Buckner’s case.

Buckner will be able to choose whether it comes before a jury or the bench should the case come to a trial.

“He has pled not guilty at an earlier court call, but it’s not to say that ultimately it won’t be resolved with a plea,” Noll said on Nov. 18. “Initially, 90% of DUIs, an individual pleads not guilty, and affords the defendant and the defense attorney to sit down and go over the discovery and determine their course of action.

“I don’t know from talking to his attorney what course of action they will be taking, whether they will ultimately be demanding a trial or ultimately be resolving the case short of a trial.”

Documents and information the state uncovered during discovery have been released to Buckner and his attorney, Monroe McWard of Taylorville.

McWard, whom Buckner has designated for media contact, did not return request for comment by Herald press time.