Jackson Park Youth Have Winning Weekend


To the Editor:

On Nov. 22, the Jackson Park Advisory Council and the Chicago Park District held the Annual Turkey Trot Race; 60 youth, aged 6 to 13, participated. Their determination to win was matched only by the joy on the faces of the girls and boys who won in each age division. Every participant received refreshments and  hearty applause. The 12 age-division winners went home with turkeys for their Thanksgiving tables. Congratulations to all who competed.

Secondly, our Wolfpack American Youth Football League 12U team from Jackson Park won the local, state, and regional finals and is traveling to Kissimmee, Florida, to play for the National Youth Football title in December. Plus, two teams of the Lady Wolfpacks also won their local, state and regional tournaments, and now they, too, are competing in December for the National Youth Football Cheerleading title. These positive, hardworking youth hit the streets Saturday to raise the money for our teams to travel to their competitions.

Congratulations, Wolfpack team members and Coaches. Congratulations to the families of our youth who use Jackson Park daily for their team practice, fitness, races, and games, as they celebrate with their children.

Thank you, coaches, park staff and JPAC active volunteers for making a positive difference in the lives of our youth. It is a truly happy Thanksgiving!

Louise McCurry,

JPAC President