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To the Editor:

The east four acres of the proposed OPC site is the most used stretch of Cornell Drive which had just been widened when I moved into Jackson Towers in 1955.

Instead of leaving the parkway and providing a pedestrian bridge or tunnel, which would cost $500,000, the city, state and park district are offering to spend $400 million to demolish hundreds of thousands of cubic yards of roadway and add thousands of tons of asphalt and concrete to duplicate the inefficient parkway layout which was removed in 1955 to provide free traffic flow past the Museum of Science and Industry.

The traffic studies behind that decision are buried in old files at CDOT or CPD. Construction is a science, and there are excellent management tools that allow every plan to be evaluated for schedule and budget before an ounce of dirt is moved.

The government used to be good at enabling engineers and estimators to build projects like Fermilab, the Golden Gate and Hoover Dam, all of which were completed on time and under budget. I was project manager for a dozen enclosures at Fermilab which came in 20% under budget.

Terry Herlihy