Time to stop paying for boondoggles


To the Editor:

Neither former President Obama nor the Lakeside Alliance has publicized a coherent plan of the Obama Presidential Center.

For example, the chairman of the Plan Commission did their entire presentation to that body, except for five minutes of presentation by Billie Tsien, the architect.

Nature abhors a vacuum, so someone at the city or park district came forward with a $400-million plan to enable people to walk or bike to the lagoon from the Center if the adjacent parkway was torn up and replaced with grass.

This taxpayer is sick of paying for the city’s construction boondoggles like this and proposes a $400,000 pedestrian overpass complete with ramps over the existing Cornell Drive. An underpass would cost about the same.

I would like to believe that so much money would not be wasted if it weren’t for the $400-million train station under Lot 37 in the Loop that is not connected to any train tracks to anywhere.

Terry Herlihy