Taxpayer protests high cost of OPC


To the Editor:

As a taxpayer, I want the Obama Foundation to know that I refuse to pay $174 million to turn four acres of Cornell Drive into an east lawn for the Obama Presidential Center.

A thousand times as many people view Wooded Island and the stand of centuries old trees from their cars, not by hiking a quarter-mile. None of the people hike in the park as part of their visit to the Museum of Science and Industry, they just go back to the car or bus to go home.

The stupidest “improvement” to that museum was the replacement of the huge, free parking lot with a front lawn. The portion of the park at 65th Street that has already been illegally cleared is plenty large enough to build a presidential library, which is, by law, no larger than 70,000 square feet.

I don’t know how you can disappoint the millions of young people, with their passports, hoping to visit the library of their favorite president. The book, “Double Fold,” states that the cost of digital storage “will be yodeling high in any case.” I don’t want my federal taxes wasted on that untested, stupid idea either.

Instead of training community activists in our park, something like a paper mill on the Cal-Sag Channel could process industrial hemp which just became legal for the first time in eighty years.  When the world figures out that draining swamps and clear-cutting forests and jungles is the primary cause of climate change, a system of carbon credits will provide millions of jobs as we figure out how to use the 27 million square miles of land that has been cleared for pastures and wheat fields over the last 300 years. The South Works site would be a fine place for the building, balancing the Baha’i Temple also on Route 41 to the north.

Terry Herlihy