Naughty or nice in OPC dispute


To the Editor:

As 2019 comes to an end, it shouldn’t have required a Santa Claus to determine who has been naughty and who has been nice in the seemingly endless dispute over placing the Obama Presidential Center in historic Jackson Park.

The misconceived sweetheart scheme to charge the Obama Foundation $10 for priceless public property in the park and the proposed cutting down of over 600 mature trees presents a Public Trust constitutional legal issue that has been working its way to the Supreme Court for a decision.

For New Year’s resolutions, I suggest the wild-eyed partisans should simply settle down and let the courts do their job.

The Obama foundation, UChicago, and Mayor Lightfoot should take the opportunity to objectively review and seriously consider the desirable alternative locations for an OPC in nearby, long-underserved neighborhoods such as Washington Park, a short distance away that are desperately in need of investment and development.

Simple relocation out of Jackson Park to a location a short distance to the west will serve everyone’s interests. Win, win, win for all involved.

Herb Caplan

President, Protect Our Parks