Will OPC harm migrating birds?


To the Editor:

Jackson Park is an extraordinarily good birding spot. Located at the edge of Lake Michigan, on a major migratory flyway, there are literally millions of birds that pass through, on their spring and fall migrations. They are greeted by the woods, at the North end of the bob o’link meadow, the lagoons, the wooded island. This is a very successful nature area, as a result.

I fear the proposed Obama Presidential Center will pose a hazard to this migrating wildlife, and I ask President Obama to recognize this, and relocate the OPC.

This is a lakefront park, which we now know to be critical for migrating birds. We have been aided by tools, such as doppler radar, and we have been working to improve the safety of birds, in the designs of our buildings.

For years, we have worked to improve habitat, natural features that attract wildlife. I fear birds will collide with this building, and it is time to select a better location.


Ross Petersen