Are HP high-rises a danger to birds?


To the Editor:

It was lovely to see the concern for birds expressed in a recent letter to the Hyde Park Herald. The writer posited that the proposed Obama Center should be stopped because its height would lead to destructive bird collisions. Since I am very interested in the welfare of birds, I was naturally deeply moved by this sentiment.

The letter made me wonder about the number of birds harmed by other tall buildings in that area.  Directly north of the proposed site, we have Vista Homes at 17 stories tall; nearby is Jackson Towers at 18 stories, both much taller than the proposed Obama center. Going west along the Midway Plaisance, we come to the Rubenstein Forum and then the Logan Center, both at heights that seem very similar to that of the Obama Center.

Have these four buildings caused significant bird collisions over the years? If so, would the letter writer like to see them all torn down?  I think that if he wishes to be consistent in his thinking, that is the logical conclusion.

If not, perhaps the writer is just tossing out any possible objection he can find, like throwing spaghetti against the wall to see if anything sticks.

Carolyn Ulrich